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Young Driver Challenge offers your child the chance to start their driving development in a safe controlled environment with a fully qualified Driving Instructor before their 17th birthday. All our driving instructors teach in a dual controlled car and we have strict limits as to the number of cars on the course so that you spend more time learning and less time waiting for the car in front to move on.

Young driver at Young Driver Challenge

By learning how to control a car while they are under 17 your child will be able to start driving in a calm environment with the same instructor all the way up to taking their first lesson on the road and beyond. Your child will be taught in a very flexible way tailored to their needs and preferred learning styles. By starting early and in an ‘off road’ environment you can even save money in the long run as we have found that completing one hour of Young Driver Challenge can equal two or more hours of on road tuition.

At Young Driver Challenge we have a wide range of surfaces for your child to explore so that they can better understand how the car handles differently in varying conditions. Most importantly unlike other young driver schemes we have plenty of space to use making it much easier to tackle a wide range of driving skills by varying the excercise available to them. We welcome you to sit in on the final couple of laps as this gives you a chance to see your child developing as a driver and also foster the idea of you being involved and supporting them in their driving from the very beginning.

If you have a preferred instructor please enter this into the relevant box and we will do all we can to assign you to them, please note this is on a first come, first served basis. If your desired slot is not availiable call us on 0800 118 5038 and we will do all we can to accomodate you.

Please note that 30 minute sessions are available on request. Contact us on 0800 118 5038 or by email and we will make the sessions available.

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